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Expensive does not guarantee elegance. Bedroom or interior décor can be affordable without compromising beauty and aesthetics.

Whether your taste is modern, traditional, or experimental and personalized, there is nothing that a few stylish wallpapers, wall designs, inspired paint colors, bed frames, and trendy bookshelves can’t fix!

In fact, some very easy changes can absolutely transform your bedroom. Round and pumped-up pillows with gorgeous pillowcases can make your bed and bedroom shine! You can match your pillow covers with the theme and aesthetic of your room or even contrast them with the bed cover for a bolder look.

Don’t stop at pillowcases, bring in designer curtains, blankets, and even throws to place around your shelves, tables, or chairs. These will give the place an attractive, quirky appearance and liven it up completely!

Another pocket-friendly change you can make is to fill up empty spaces on shelves or side tables with potted plants or small trays and slabs filled with trinkets or figurines for display. To keep things like moisturizers, night creams, and other cosmetics handy and close to your bed, pick out a well-embellished box or open surface to place on your bedside table to spice up the space.

If you have a mirror in your bedroom, whether large or small, decorating around it can do wonders for the whole space. Try adding an indoor creeper or climber plant (like vines) around the border of the mirror to add a very organic and artsy feel to your room.

If your mirror is already made of engraved brass or metal, try using fairy lights or small gems and stones if you wish to embellish it a little bit more. Moreover, fairy lights can also be used to decorate door frames and window frames. Golden is usually the classic choice, but blue, red, white, or even multiple colors of light can bring a fresh taste to your room.

Other types of light fixtures can enhance the aesthetic of your room even further. Ceiling lights such as wooden or crystal chandeliers are good for a grand and classy look. If you’re looking for something trendier and more modern, the flush-mount ceiling lights, hanging pendant light bulbs encapsulated in glass, or industrial lights are a great addition. In any case, you can never go wrong with a really stylish lamp for your bedside table or your dressing space.

The options for lights are endless. Tall floor lamps are another fashionable choice for interior décor. If you have paintings or photos on display on a wall of your bedroom, you can try track lighting to brighten up that side of the wall or room.  If you’re looking for something really new and bold, you can check out trendy chandelier and lamp designs that come with unique patterns and are made of many different materials. These bold designs can be paired with both a traditional bedroom as well as a contemporary one.

Bedrooms are a place of rest above all.  Therefore, while styling your bed, it is important to prioritize comfort. Choose at least two or three bedcovers, patterns, or solid colors to layer on top of the mattress. You can never have too many pillows. Place them side by side and line a few designed cushions to top them off. An embroidered throw to lay on top of your pillows and cushions will also help enhance the look of the space.

Additionally, don’t forget to deck up your shelves with as many books and magazines as feasible, and do select a perfect wallpaper to go with the rest of the room and flooring of your choice. Throw in carpets and mats here and there to add an extra splash of color if your bedroom is very spacious and don’t be scared to improvise wherever you like. After all, the bedroom is yours!

Finally, the most important piece of furniture in our bedrooms after the bed itself is the dresser. This is one aspect of the bedroom where you can go all out. You can deck up the mirror with lights and plants as mentioned above. On the table, you can keep all kinds of cute and quirky boxes, cases, bags, and containers to place your things in. If there is enough area available, you can even place a candle stand along with candles according to your taste. You can hang your photos around the dresser (polaroid or photo paper ideally) – either by scattering them around and pinning them up with tape or along the wire of your fairy lights. If you have a lampshade to spare, you can place that on your dresser as well.

It is important also to know how and where to position your dresser appropriately. If space is an issue, you can push it up against a corner or against the wall beside your bed. Placing it between your bed and the window will make for a bold look. If there is plenty of space left between the dresser and your bed, you can fill it up with a floor lamp or a tall plant.

If you want to use your dresser as a nightstand, you can place it according to your convenience. It is a good idea also to combine your dresser with your wardrobe or furniture. That makes it easy to have a uniform pattern or design for all your furniture and makes the place feel more compact and put together.

For easy access, the dresser could also be placed across from the foot of the bed facing the bed. Remember that the furniture should be congruous to the rest of the room and should not become a hindrance to your freedom of movement.

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