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Home is where all our trials and tribulations end each day. We find the ultimate refuge in the safe shelter of our home which bestows us with peace, happiness, and warmth. While every inch of our home space is dear to us, the living room is a little dearer given that it is the first room that makes our abode. Moreover, this space serves as the focal point for all our cherished family memories and discussions, fostering meaningful connections as family members come together to spend quality time here. Furthermore, this is where we hold parties and entertain our guests and friends. This is why, the living room needs to be very inviting and aesthetically enriching.

Trending wall colors for living rooms

Embarking on the journey to elevate your living room, let’s begin by exploring the latest trends in wall colors. The selection of colors for living room walls holds immense significance for homeowners as they have the power to influence the mood and ambiance of the entire household. Whether you seek a soothing, traditional, chic, or statement-making atmosphere, incorporating colors that enhance the room’s brightness has consistently been a popular choice among many.

Here are the 3 living rooms colors that will make your living room sparkle –

1.    Green – The color green echoes Mother Nature, and so is regarded as the color of peace, tranquillity, and revival. This is why the green color is arguably the most popular wall color for living rooms. Every year, more and more homeowners are also opting for bringing home a multitude of house plants and painting their walls in shades of green to add a splash of life to the living rooms.

2.    Blue – Blue is also a very popular hue for living rooms across the world. Shades of azure can bring joy and are known to be extremely stylish choices for walls. Also, design experts opine that blue living rooms can endow a calming and soothing effect on the human mind while looking super clean and organized. There is an array of shades in blue, including – cyan, navy, turquoise, aqua, midnight blue, sky blue, royal blue, and aquamarine – which go extremely well with nude colors like brown and cream.

3.    Gray – For smaller living rooms, gray walls are just perfect to make the rooms appear larger. Being elegant and serene, it is also the right shade for giving your living room a sophisticated look. Moreover, the color gray goes well with vintage furniture and modernist décor. Not to mention that the gray walls of a living room provide the perfect setting for art décor pieces.

However, many new trends are now being seen which indicate an inclination towards embracing bright and rich shades for living room walls. Home lovers who prefer bolder choices are particularly opting for bright and rich shades like that of terracotta and yellow in their living spaces. is a one-stop solution for your living room, bathroom, bedroom, décor, home office, and kitchen needs. The owner of the online store understands interiors and spaces and customizes them to reflect the unique identities of homeowners. If you are renovating your home, planning to buy a new one, or shifting to a new place, you can get all your home decor items at an affordable cost on this online platform.

Cool wall decor ideas

Wall decors are great for making a room look elegant and classy. Today, a plethora of wall decor items are available for all types of homes which can bring elegance to any style. Let us explore these cool wall decor ideas to add a dash of warmth and glow to your living room –

1.  Art objects which embody timeless elegance, cultivated taste, and inimitable beauty, are known centers of attraction, and can immediately attract the attention of a visitor or guest. Place a large oil or watercolor painting on the main door-facing wall of your living room and see its magical effect. You can choose between an abstract or a minimalistic art piece and perk up your living room wall with elegance.

 2.  Shelves are another way of making your living room walls look tailored. You can find decorative shelves and racks in countless shapes, designs, and materials in stores and online. Pick a design that matches your living room wall color scheme and deck the spaces up with books or decor pieces. The online store has an exclusive collection of shelves and racks at an amazingly affordable price.

3.  If you love things to be quirky, a wall gallery is the thing you need to revamp your living room wall. The gallery can flaunt your posters, photographs, and wall hangings to beauty!

4. While revamping your living room walls, you can also give an accent wall some thought. It is another very cool way to make the walls come alive. Moreover, small living rooms can really look amazing with an accent wall.

5.  There are wall-mounted sculptures for signature pieces. Built with beauty, finesse, and elegance, these decor items can instantly turn your living room wall into an uber-classy space.

Wall decor pieces are attained with an elegant style and can bring timeless opulence and grandeur to your living room. Choose the right statement wall coverings, DIY murals, and/or a minimalist gallery wall and match them with a perfectly stylish wall shade to turn your living room into a chic, sophisticated space gloriously basking in the confidence of its decor.  

A thing of beauty is joy forever, says the renowned poet, John Keats. The online store celebrates beauty by curating items that add oomph to your living spaces. Make your home more personalized and refined with the niftily crafted collection of bespoke accents and decor pieces available at an affordable price on the platform. You can also look for other useful and essential items for your home like beds & mattresses, chairs, accessories, tables, lighting, and cabinets.